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국제협력팀 | Call for pax: coe 3rd Global Education and Youth Training of Trainers

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관심있는 분들은 국제협력팀으로 연락 바랍니다.
- 중앙사무국 -
[Note: This call has no geographical limitation, but quite specific requirement in term of participants’ profile - young trainers with experience and interested in the programme]
The North-South Centre of the Council of Europe opened the call for the 3rd Global Education and Youth Training of Trainers. This is the second and last call for participants for the Centre’s activities taking place in the framework of the 15th University on Youth and Development (21-28 September 2014, Mollina, Spain).
The training course has two main aims:
- To empower young people to further support the practice of GE based on NSC GE methodology and programme (Global Education Guidelines and online training courses), as well as;
- To develop competences of participants that are or will be actively involved in the implementation of the sister Universities. 
The specific objectives of the course are:
 To facilitate the development of competences and transfer of innovation in educational
strategies with a collaborative learning approach;
 To explore the philosophy and the implementation of both the Network of the Universities and e-learning courses in order to act as multipliers;
 To understand the different contexts of implementation of global education
Applicants should:
· be a key multiplier playing an active role within a youth organisation/platform or institution (that Is or plans to be actively involved in the organisation of one of the Universities);
· have some experience as trainers/facilitators;
· aged between 18 and 30;
· have already some qualification or experience in terms of the network of Universities and/or international youth work and project work;
· be committed to attend the full duration of the course and be supported by one youth organisation/platform or institution;
· be able to work, communicate and report in English
The Course will have a participation fee of 25€ that will be paid during the course
All applicants fulfilling the criteria and interested to participate should send the application form by the 30thJuly2014
A recommendation letter from SCI will be needed, so if you are interested please contact me by the 29th of July.

More info and complete call & application at 

Sara Turra - International Coordinator
SCI -International Secretariat
NEW ADDRESS (from 01.2.13): Belgiëlei 37, B-2018 Antwerp - Belgium
Skype address: sci-is-coordinator
Phone: +32 3. 2265727, Fax: + 32 3. 2320344
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