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내일은 유엔이 제정한 세계평화의 날 입니다.
매년 9월 셋째 주 화요일이며 1981년에 공식 발표되었다고 합니다.
 세계 평화의 날은 “전세계의 전쟁과 폭력이 중단되는 날”로서 전세계의 모든 전쟁이 중단되기를 염원하는 날입니다. 현재 54개국 약 300여 개의 도시에서 매년 평화의 날 행사가 이루어지고 있다고 합니다. UN에서는 매년 다른 세계평화의 날 주제와 슬로건을 정하는데요. 2010년의 슬로건은 <평화=미래>였으며 주제는 청년과 개발이었습니다.
또한 이런 세계평화의 날이 한국인을 통하여 만들어졌다는 것을 알고 계시나요? 세계평화의 날은 한 때 세계대학 총장회의 의장을 맡았던 조영식 박사가 유엔에 처음으로 건의 했다고 합니다. 한국에서도 1982년부터 세계평화의 날을 기념하는 여러 가지 행사가 열리고 있습니다.
우리 SCI도 이에 부합하기 위해 다양한 프로그램을 기획하고 있습니다.
온/오프라인으로 참여가 가능합니다.
아래를 클릭해 주세요.
- 중앙사무국 -
Dear Friends,

We have posted an article about this Sunday's International Day of Peace.

Just to highlight how you can contribute:
- you can join the global People's Climate March mobilization
- if you have, please share with us the promotional page and afterwards some photos of your individual, local events/happenings in relation to the Day of Peace

Thank you for your participation and commitment :)
All the best,

This Sunday (21st September) forces of different initiatives will unite under the flag of peace. There is an endless number of organisations and events/happenings that draw the attention to the one solution of worldwide problems: non-violent care towards each other and the Earth itself. We are part of the same ecosystem, independent in spirit, yet woven into one network of the same living organism. Borders, walls are to be overleapt... let's tell it to everyone!

How SCI is joining?

Through our global campaigns

1. Raising for Peace project by CCIVS is calling attention for the International Day of Peace via collecting volunteers messages and photos on how they contribute to strenghten the ideals of peace both within and among all nations and people. >>

Check out the results of the photo contest too!

2. Our Create a Climate for Peace Campaign will be present at the worldwide mobilization of People's Climate Marchthrough volunteers of SCI. According to the main organisers, hopefully this event will bring the biggest number of people in history so far to the streets to request immediate actions (instead of words) from the UN climate summittaking place in New York City from 23rd September.

We are encouraging SCI branches,partner organisations and activists to take part in local demonstrations. Please document your presence with photos or video messages, then send us to, we will give it wide visibility.

Paralell to the day, we are launching the microgrant 2.0 for events to be realised in the upcoming 6 months within the framework of the Climate for Peace Campaign. (More information will be available soon.)

With national contributions

Like every year there are many branches of SCI that are organizing events at local level in order to celebrate the Day of Peace. We are calling you to share your local, individual actions in relation with it. Please upload/post to your own website and social media channels, then send us the links to

Inspirational examples, like this will be collected and presented via this article..

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