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국제협력팀 | Camp RU-SOD 5.2 LANGUAGE FOR SUCCESS KIDS 03/01/2015-10/01/2015

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작성자 최고관리자 작성일14-10-22 10:41 조회8,089회 댓글0건


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international@scikorea / (02-706-0662)
Dear friends, 
please promote our workcamp which begins on the 03/01/2015-10/01/2015 It's a children camp.
The description you can find below.
This winter camp for Russian kids will take place in the recreation center not far from Cheboksary (the capital of the Chuvash republic). Foreign volunteers work together with Russian volunteers as counselors and organize cultural and educational activities for the participants (local school kids – aged 8-16).
1. making intercultural and educational workshops (about the volunteers’ native countries, ecology, water resources, human rights, antiracism, etc); 
2. teaching foreign languages to the participants (in the form of playing games, singing songs or improve their language skills through discussions); 
3. organizing some sport activities, strategic games, shows and handycrafts.
The work is done 8 hours a day, one day off, for the day off sightseeing excursions are planned.
accomodation and food
In the recreation center, in a heated brick house; counselors live together in male, female, mixed rooms. Showers are available. No sleeping bags are needed, food is provided in the cafeteria.
location & leisure
The workcamp is situated in Russia, Cheboksary. The volunteers will need to fly (or arrive with any other transport: train, bus etc.) to Moscow and take a train from Moscow to Cheboksary. In Cheboksary the volunteers will be met by the Russian volunteers and move altogether to the workcamp.
The volunteers are expected to have some experience of working with kids and organizing activities, intercultural experience is very welcome. 
Certificate of no criminal records is required.  
Motivation letter is required.

Meeting point 
Cheboksary train station

camp address 


The language of the camp is English.

There is no extra fee.

The number of volunteers is 6

The age of volunteers 18-45


We are looking forward to your motivated volunteers!!


Lenina prospect 12B
428000 Cheboxary
e-mail: (outgoing, incoming)
skype: ru-sod
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